Games on the internet are really interesting when you see them at first, if you are not a little boy or girl you don’t interested in them but then it changes. Girls and boys love the games especially including caring and dress up. This section of is Caring and Management. It includes more than 20 games and they are really really enjoyable. For example, Brittany Birt Airplane is a game which you will be dependent on. You play this game as a hostess and you are in an airplane. There are some travelers and they want you to bring something such as cold drinks, hot drinks, hamburger. You give them these things and win. Beside this game, here are games like fathers care, mom mania, spring garden clean up, milks for kittens, care baby, growing for life, gardener. You can have a job briefly and enjoy it. Also especially girls can design cupcakes for Maya. You want to play these caring and management games again and again.