All people, as children, young, middle- age and old all love fairy tales. They are really fantastic and affective and everyone wants to live like in these tales and much people think that is impossible but if you are here, you see it is not impossible. This section of is fairy games and includes almost 50 games. At the firs look at this page you will be affected by colorful fairies then you will be aware of dressing up the fairies is much more enjoyable than you think. For example, naughty sprite with her orange hairs and orange dress seems really beautiful. You will feel yourself in a tale and then you want to look like her. Fairy games affect you for a long while such as Blossom Tree Fairy, Star Light Fairy, Little Mermaid, Graceful Valentine Angel, Fantasy Fairy. They are awesome. The more playing you are, the more want you to play. We can name Fairy games as dream games. Legendary trial!