Everyone wants to be smart, doesn’t s/he? Dresses and accessories are important but in addition to them, as a girl, when you dress up so smart, what do you do? I am going to give you a clue “eyes and lips”. Yes! You are absolutely right “make- up”. This section of www.dressupgamesite.com is Dress up and Makeover, which is established for both of two “dress up” and “makeover”. For girls, the section is so amazing. You can play with the models both dress up games and makeover games. For example, think a second, fashion athlete with big green eyes and beautiful face and body can’t make a decision what she dress up and how she make up and she wants you to help her. Another example is the game of summer flower fashion. There is a girl who has blond hair and she wants to choose the perfect dress but she can’t make a decision. With your aids, they can look so beautiful with their dressing up and makeover.