Twyla Dress up

Daily played : 35 | Weekly played : 183 | Monthly played : 212 | Total played : 32,089
If Twyla would be reduced to one word, it would be the word "shy". She appreciates to sit alone in the dusty corners or surrounded by shadows, in which she can become completely invisible due to her boogey person powers. Twyla's shyness does not, however, mean she is unable to appreciate positive attention or share in a round of rambunctious laughter. It simply means her standards for feeling comfortable are higher than the average person's. Twyla has a blue-grey skin with silver hands and lower arms. Silver-colored patterns, invoking dust, swirl up from her ankles to the middle of her lower legs. Her hair is pastel green with blue and purple stripes which reaches to her hips, and her eyes are pink yet glow green in the dark.
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