Tinkerbell Dressup

Daily played : 129 | Weekly played : 138 | Monthly played : 138 | Total played : 6,378
Tinker Bell who has the tinkering abilities is called commonly called Tink or Miss Bell. This tinker fairy knows to mend broken things and fix them together but she is not proud of her talents and always wanted to emulate other fairies which proved to be futile every time she attempted in her desperate pursuit to visit the mainland for spring. Though she may not have nature skills like making dewdrops, lighting fireflies and teaching young birds to fly, yet she joins the nature-talent fairies as she invented the machine which quickened the preparation process for spring. So she has been granted permission to go to the mainland now. Tink is very happy and excited about this and in her excitement she doesn’t know how to dress up. Come to the rescue of this poor Tink and get her ready for spring. Dress her up in elegant outfits and precious jewels that she looks as beautiful as the spring season. Choose her a lovely pair of wings and a magical wand that she can come around the mainland and tinker all the broken things. Have fun!
Developer : pinkygirlgames.com

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