Princess Silver Hair
Description: This year silver-colored hair was one of the most popular things. Rapunzel, renowned for her hair, has invited girls to her home to try out this trend with Elsa, Tiana and Belle, and help her to experiment with these hair styles. I am sure you will get the answer of silver hair, which sagacam everywhere in the world, because this year's hair style is what it is. Our princesses can not keep up with this trend and paint their hair in silver color. Become the hairdresser of our princess who will give vitality to the ends of silver hair in order to look cooler and apply this wonderful trend. Have a lot of fun while adding beauty to the beauty of our princesses with hair combos. What do you think about girls playing a very nice new hairstyle? Start your game by pressing the Play key. Choose the princess you want to start hair transplanting and then start to prepare the magical mixture that turns your hair into a griet. Look after the hair dye if you can dry it. You can remove hair models with the color you want. You can complete the painting process and go to the garment part. They are all good fun.
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