Lagoona Blue Dental Care
Description: Lagoona blue is daughter of the sea monster. She owns a pet piranha which is called Neptuna. All the time they would spend time swimming, playing, chatting, and gossiping and so on. For the past one week the pet of the girl is moody and gloomy. When asked for the reason behind its sadness it revealed ‘‘my bosom friend Lagoona has a toothache due to consuming innumerable fish in the supper before a week’’. As a doctor it is your obligation to take care of the girl by cleaning all the dirt from the teeth and as a human you are obliged to empathize with pet and cure the pet’s friend. You have all the required instruments at hand. Use them appropriately. Before removing the dirt, you have flush water into the mouth of the patient. Then proceed with the cleaning of teeth. If you find any decayed tooth remove it and place a new one instead. After the treatment is over accompany the girl and her pet to the sea. They would be grateful for serving them.
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