Game name : Red Wedding Gowns
Game Description : For all you ladies in red... Let's face it. Just the thought of getting married in a RED wedding dress is a travesty that could make most women, well... see red. Dress up this beautiful bride with red wedding gowns.
Game name : Thinking girl dress up
Game Description : Tthis beautiful girl sits in front of her rooms window and thinking about someting. May be she is thinking about her boyfriend of something else. Let's Dress her beautiful clothes.
Game name : Pink Prom Dresses
Game Description : The color pink is a softer shade of red. Both the colors pink and red denote love, but while red has a fiery passionate side, pink is more charming and this game you can dress up this cute girl with stunning pink prom dresses.
Game name : Fashion Forward Bride
Game Description : Sculptural gowns and directional silhouettes are perfect for the fashion forward bride. Metallic accessories and standout shoes make the strongest statement. in this cool bride dress up game you can dress up this beautiful fashion forward bride.
Game name : Katherine Heigl Make Up
Game Description : Katherine Marie Heigl was born in Washington, DC, on November 24, 1978. She is possibly best known for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. in this true make up game you are going to make up Katherine Heigl.
Game name : Time for Sunshine
Game Description : This beautiful girl came to nature to enjoy the last days of autumn. It's sunny and beautiful girl that loves the sun. in this nice dress up game game you will dress up her whileshe is enjoying the sun.
Game name : Great Pizza Perfection
Game Description : Pizza is a dish much loved by all of us. Everyone has eaten pizza at least one time in their life. So how many of us has made her own pizza? Do not worry if you haven't made your own pizza yet. You can make a great pizza in this cool cooking game.
Game name : Stunning Halloween Girl
Game Description : When planning your next affordable Halloween costume, look no further than your own home. With a plan and some imagination, you can have a classic and stunning costume.Check out this cool dress up game and get ideas how to dress up stunning halloween costumes.
Game name : Cute Halloween Girl Dress Up
Game Description : Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re a cute girls, you’ve probably been thinking about what costume you’re going to wear.If you don’t have any Halloween costume ideas yet, you can play this cool dress up game and get ideas for cute halloween costumes.
Game name : Wedding dress up
Game Description : This beautiful gir is so exited because of her wedding. Shi wants to be perfect today. Dress her up with nice wedding gowns and wedding clothes. Have Fun!
Game name : Prom Girl Dress Up
Game Description : Prom dresses is very important for a girl. Dress up this cute girl for her prom.
Game name : Kesha Dress Up
Game Description : Kesha Sebert Dress Up Game
Game name : Princess Girl Dress Up
Game Description : Dress up this prencess girl and make her any of princesses you like. You can make hey Cindirella , Layla and more.
Game name : Jamie Lynn Spears Dress Up
Game Description : Spears sisters are very famous. Britney Spears is a very popular singer. Now her sister Jamie Lynn Spears is also become popular. She is very talented actress. Children realy loves her. You can dress up Yamie Lynn Spears in this game. Have fun!
Game name : Ashley Tisdale Dress Up
Game Description : Dress up famous singer Asley tisdale with fashionable clothes. Give her a perfect look.
Game name : Twilight Wedding
Game Description : Twilight couples wedding day finally come. Bella is very excited as she will marry with her love Edward. Cullen family has hired you as stilist of Bella. Now it is your duty to dress up and make up bella for wedding. You can choose her a nice wedding dress from avaliable ones. You can make up her. There are nice accesories like tiaras , earrings and neclases. don't forget to give bella a bouquet at the end. Have Fun!
Game name : The Bride Dress Up
Game Description : This girl's dream come true and she will marry with her love. She knows choosing the wedding dress is the most important part of a wedding. Because of this she nedds ahelp from a talented stylist like you. Help her to choose her wedding dress then choose some nice accesories and a pair of shoes. Have Fun!
Game name : Christmas Family
Game Description : This family will celebrate christmas all together . You can dress up them for christmas. you can dress up mom , dad , son and girl with nice christmas clothes. At the end you can decorate room and place family members wherever you want. Enjoy the game!
Game name : Christmas Shopping Girl
Game Description : This girl has made christmas shopping. She wants to try dresses , shoes and accesories. Let's help her and dress her up for christmas.
Game name : Winter Fairy Dress Up
Game Description : Dress up Winter fairy with lovely clothes.
Game name : Baby Girl Dress Up
Game Description : You can dress up this cute baby girl with nice clothes with very lovely colors.
Game name : Selena Gomez
Game Description : Dress up teen star Selena Gomez with nice clothes.
Game name : Bratz Dating Dress Up
Game Description : Our bratz girl will date with her boyfriend. Dress her up for her dating.
Game name : Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Game Description : Dress up Vanessa Anne Hudgens with fashionable clothes she wears in her real life.
Game name : Winter Fashion 2009
Game Description : Winter will be very cold this year. Some people thinks winter clothes are not nice and fashionable as Summer clothes are. But when you play this game you will think winter clothes can be fashionable and warm.
Game name : Dance Party Dress Up
Game Description : This beautiful girl realy likes parties.Especially the ones people dance to the morning. She also likes to wear different clothes each party. Help her to dress up for tonights dance party.
Game name : Cute Mermaid Dress Up
Game Description : She is a very cute mermaid. She has a style. She dont like to go out everyday with same tail and clothes. Try her clothes and see how cute she is.
Game name : Barbie in Gowns Dress Up
Game Description : Dress up Barbie with beautiful wraps and gowns. You can choose colors for clothes. You will love accesories and nice shoes too. Have fun with Barbie.
Game name : Pregnant Mom Fashion
Game Description : Who says pregnancy is not fashionable? Play this game and see how a pregnant women can be fashionable. Choose from nice colorfull and fashionable pregnant clothes and make this cute momy more cute.
Game name : Pirate Girl Dress Up
Game Description : This year's most important pirate beach meeting is next week. This beautiful pirate girl wants to be most beautiful pirate in this beach meeting. she wants help from you. it is now in your hand that whether she will be most beautiful pirate or not.
Game name : Witch Dress Up
Game Description : Halloween is approaching and this little sweet witch has already returned from halloween shopping. Let's try her new clothes and decide togetter which one she will wear on halloween.
Game name : Spring Flower Girl
Game Description : Dress up spring flower girl with Flower Girl Dresses.
Game name : Hannah Montana
Game Description : We made you a new and spectacular Hannah Montana dress up game. You can play latest Hannah montana dress up game on our site
Game name : New barbie dress up
Game Description : Play this new barbie doll dress up game at
Game name : Shopping girl
Game Description : Our sweet girl goes to shopping everyday. She wants from you dress up her with dresses she bought.