Game name : Prom Queen Facial Makeover
Game Description : This beautiful girl wants to be elected prom queen. But just before the prom has some skin problems. Make her facials. Then do her makeover. Dress up her with wonderful clothes at the and. Have fun!
Game name : Best Bride Makeover
Game Description : This beautiful girl is getting married and you need to prepare for her wedding. First you will make facial care to her. Then apply her a nice make up. Finally dress up her with very nice wedding gowns. Make her best bride ever with a nice facial make up.
Game name : Babysitter Facial Makeover
Game Description : This cute babysitter is excited because she is going to a job interview! She is very good with babies, but this time it is important to impress their parents too! First make her a spa treatment then Help her choose a hairstyle, and use the makeup tools to make her look adorable!
Game name : Spa Manicure Salon
Game Description : Play our Spa Manicure Salon Game and wash this girls hands. Then make her a nice hand caring. After spa section you can make her a great manicure with some tottos.
Game name : Valentine's Day Facial Makeover
Game Description : You know what’s coming up don’t you? Yes , Valentine’s Day. Would you like to help this girl create an cute look to celebrate Valentine's Day with her boyfriend?
Game name : Herb Rissoles With Tomato Sauce
Game Description : Looking for a guide on How To Create Herb Rissoles With A Refreshing Tomato Sauce? his useful flash game explains exactly how it's done, and will help you get good at main dish recipes, cheap recipes, vegetarian main course recipes, more than 1 hour, pan fry recipes, tomato. Enjoy this instructional flash game from
Game name : Monster High Restaurant
Game Description : Monster high's Frankie Stein öjust opened a restaurant. Help her to serve food to her friends from monster high. Have Fun!
Game name : Party Fashion Facial
Game Description : This girl likes parties too much. She will attend a nice party tonight. Make her ready with some facial beauty treatments then dress up her with party fashion clothes.
Game name : Abbey Bominable Dress up
Game Description : Abbey Bominable is the daughter of the Yeti and an exchange student from up north. Abbey would be lost in the snow without her best friend and pet, Shiver a sweet and loyal Wooly Mammoth. Abbey Bominable doll is fully articulated so she can be posed in many different ways and includes pet Wooly Mammoth Shiver, doll stand, brush, diary and accessory.Dress up abbey Bominable with nice outfits.
Game name : Howleen Wolf Manicure
Game Description : Howleen Wolf is the baby sister in the Wolf family, behind Clawdeen Wolf and Clawd Wolf. Howleen has tan skin, but much lighter than either her siblings. As she is a wolf she needs a flawless manicure! Use colourful nail polishes, stickers and gems to make her hands look perfect!
Game name : First Date Prep Facial
Game Description : This beautiful girl is going on her first date with a handsome boy tonight at a cafe and she needs to get ready for it so that she will look amazing. Would you like to help for her make up and her outfits to impress her first date. So let's start with some facia treatments then dress up her with nice outfits and do her a nice make up. Have fun!
Game name : Mozzarella Risotto Balls
Game Description : Traditional risotto rice formed into small balls which are stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese. Fry them for a delicious starter or serve with a sauce for a main meal. The risotto balls can be served with vegetables as part of a main course meal. Alternatively they make a great starter served with some salad. You can cook Mozzarella Risotto Balls by playing ourt cool cooking game.
Game name : Venus McFlyTrap Dressup
Game Description : Venus McFlytrap is the daughter of the Plant Monster. Venus has bright green skin with hot pink and green hair, which is shaved on one side and is swept to the left. Dress up famous plant monster Venus McFlyTrap with nice plant clothes.
Game name : Polly Pocket Facial Makeover
Game Description : The famous cartoon character Polly Pocket needs a pretty face care. First give Polly a great spa treatment then give her a nice make up. You can dress up Polly pocket with nice clothes after make up. You can choose cool accessories for her.
Game name : Frankie Stein's Manicure
Game Description : Frankie Stein is a major character in the Monster High. She came in to your beauty salon to for a nice manicure. Use the polish given to you here and decorate Frankie Stein's nails to make them look trendy. Have Fun!
Game name : Rochelle Goyle Dress up
Game Description : Dress up Rochelle Goyle Dress up with nice monster high outfits.
Game name : Sweet Dinner Date
Game Description : Dress up this cute girl for her dinner date and make her so sweet.
Game name : Spicy corn and shrimp salad
Game Description : You're going to love this salad after playing the game we made for you. Cook shrimp in skillet with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper until done. Experience our spicy corn and shrimp salad cooking game and make spicy corn and shrimp salad.
Game name : Robecca Steam Dress up
Game Description : Robecca Steam is a robot and daughter of a mad scientist. Her father is a monster of undetermined kind. Robecca is polite and eager to please. She's always running late due to a defect in her machinery, but she always tries to make up her mistakes. in this cool game you can dress up Robecca Steam with nice clothes.
Game name : Draculaura's Manicure
Game Description : You can make a complete manicure for Draculaura in this cool nail game.
Game name : Tinker Bell Facial Makeover
Game Description : Tinker Bell is the fairy we all know and love - spunky, rebellious, impatient, impulsive, determined, persistent, temperamental... yet still charming and lovable. You can make up tinker bell in this facial beauty game.
Game name : Princess Barbie Facial Makeover
Game Description : Princess Barbie will meet with friends in a cafe. But she woke up very tired this morning. Barbie needs a nice facial care and a good facial make up. Come on, let's make her beautiful by playing princess barbie facial makeover game.
Game name : Bratz Facial Makeover
Game Description : Bratz girl have a date with her boyfriend. But she is not in a good shape. She needs a complete facial makeover. Clean her face , make some masks Then make up her as a beautiful girl.
Game name : Fried Coat's Cheese With Tomato
Game Description : A great starter or a part of a vegetarian meal. A winner among food lovers! Take a piece of the goats cheese and turn it in the flour to coat completely. Next, dip it in the bowl of beaten egg and then in bowl of bread crumbs and turn so all surfaces are coated. Follow the instructions on the game and cook delicious Fried Goat's Cheese with Tomato!
Game name : Draculaura's Halloween Costumes
Game Description : Play Draculaura's Halloween Costumes and dress up monster high's cool ghoul Draculaura with nice halloween costumes. Have fun!
Game name : Cupcake House Decorating
Game Description : Decorate a perfect cupcake house fachinating nature.
Game name : Venus mcFlyTrap Facial Makeover
Game Description : Venus McFlytrap is the daughter of the Plant Monster. Venus' personality is like her style, bold and loud. Venus has bright green skin with hot pink and green hair, which is shaved on one side and is swept to the left. in this facial makeover game you are going to make up venus mcFlyTrap and make her a beautiful moster!
Game name : Frankie's Birthday Cake
Game Description : Frankie Stein is a major character in the Monster High. She has just turned 16 days. Let's Decorate a birthday cake for Frankie's birthday party.
Game name : Magician Dora Dress up
Game Description : In this cute Dora dress up game you'll be able to dress up Dora like magician, changing her look with brightly colored clothes that you'll be able to combine with really cool hairstyles and original accessories. At the end, you'll get to admire some magic tricks.
Game name : Stella Facial Makeover
Game Description : Stella is one of our favorite Winx Club girls! Stella is so pretty and stylish all the time, but she has some skin problems these days. Please make a facial makeover to stella and make her stylish and beautiful again.
Game name : Abbey and Heath Dress up
Game Description : Abbey is known as the tough ghoul at Monster High. She is fierce, confident and often headstrong. Some people believe she has an icy personality, but once you warm up to her, she's fun to hang out with. Heath Burns is a fire elemental and a student at Monster High. His head bursts into flame when he gets excited. Heath is very flirtatious with the girls of Monster High, to the point of arrogance. When Abbey Bominable begins her time at Monster High. An impressive appearance, Heath immediately runs up to her and offers to carry her books for her. Abbey mentions more flirts from Heath. She also reveals that she thinks he's "very annoying but...scary cute" and that she not opposed to going on a date with him. However, she is waiting for "a properly asked for date", as his current antics only earn him a cold shoulder. in This game you can dress up Abbey and Heath for their first date. Have Fun!
Game name : Dora The Cook Dress Up
Game Description : Dress up Dora as a charming cook and pick for her some kitchen accessories.
Game name : Rapunzel Facial Makeover
Game Description : Rapunzel is the most beautiful princess in the world with long golden hair. The enchantress shuts her away in a tower in the middle of the woods, with neither stairs nor a door, and only one room and one window. The prince is coming for rescue Rapunzel from the tower she was imprisoned. But Rapunzel needs a beautiful make up because she is imprisoned for a long time. Let's make a great makeover to Rapunzel and dress up her with nice clothes.
Game name : Ghoulia and Slow Moe Dress up
Game Description : Slow Moe was first seen as Ghoulia's crush in monster high . Ghoulia and Slo-Moe are the only zombie couple in the entire Monster High. Or that's as much as we know. in this cool game you can dress up both slow moe and ghoulia Yelps. Have fun!
Game name : Dora at School Dress up
Game Description : School has started and dora is going to school first time. Help Dora to dress up for the first day at school.
Game name : Snow White Facial Makeover
Game Description : Snow White is very undernourished. in this game you can make her a great makeover. First, to clear his face. Then make her some masks. After that you can dress up and make up her.
Game name : Lagoona and Gil Dress up
Game Description : Gil and Lagoona like each other a lot, and would date if it weren't for the interference of Gil's parents. Play this game and dress up monster high couples with nice fish style clothes.
Game name : Fairy Dora Dress Up
Game Description : Dora wants to be a fairy in forest. She wants from you dress up her like a fairy.
Game name : Supermodel Facial Makeover
Game Description : Have a look at our latest supermodel facial makeover game! First clean her face then use some mask to her face. Give her an amazing make up and dress up her like a supermodel.