Game name : Barbie Dental Surgery
Game Description : Barbie eaten too much chocolate cake. Now her teeth hurt. She comes to your dental clinic. Now you must make a dental surgery to her. Have fun.
Game name : Frozen Elsa Freezing Makeover
Game Description : You can make up frozen princess Elsa by playing our latest makeover game.
Game name : Emo Pocahontas Dress up
Game Description : Pocahontas is a native princess. She loves natüre too much. We create a dress up game for Pocahontas that you can dress up her with emo style native clothes.
Game name : Operetta hair and facial
Game Description : Operetta is a cute girl from monster high cartoon. She likes music so much. She always have her guitar with her. She also likes fashion. in our latest Operetta facial and hair game you can give a facial care to her and wash her hairs. At the end make up her and dress up her with nice clothes and accessories.
Game name : Hollywood Real Makeover
Game Description : Becoming a hollywood star is not easy. There are some responsibilities. You always have to be beautiful and elegant. So you should pay attention to your makeup and skin care. This cute girl is a Hollywood star. So she came to your beauty salon and needs skin care , make up and dress up suggestions. First make her skin care with quality masks. After facial care start her make up. When you finish make up dress up her with nice and shining Hollywood style dresses. You can select her hairstyles and some accessories. Have fun!
Game name : Robecca Steam hair and facial
Game Description : Robecca Steam is a robot and daughter of a mad scientist. We made a facial makeover game for you. You can play with Robecca Steam and have fun!
Game name : Make Chocolate Profiteroles
Game Description : Profiteroles look great, taste great and are the ultimate dinner party dessert. And they're not as difficult to make as you would think. We made a game for you named Make Chocolate Profiteroles. You can play our game and see how easy and funny to cook Chocolate Profiteroles.
Game name : Dora Real Makeover
Game Description : We have prepeared a cool Dora real makeover game for you. You can make facial makeover to Dora. After facial makeover you will make up Dora with nice make up tools. At the end of game dress up dora and choose a hairstyle to her. Don't forget to select accessories like earrings , face paintings , neclases , bracelets and tiaras to her. Have fun with Dora!
Game name : Barbie Knee Surgery
Game Description : Oh no! look a car accident patient. She is Barbie. it seems that she has broke bone in knee. Let's treat her broken knee together!
Game name : Chocolate And Orange Cake
Game Description : Hey girls! Here is a nice cake cooking game for you. This rich, moist cake is both a feast for the eyes as well as for the taste buds and it is easier to make than you might think! Lets Cook delicious chocolate and orange cake by playing our latest cake cooking game.
Game name : Baby Lulu Birthday
Game Description : Baby Lulu and her mother sophie are celebrating Baby Lulu's birthday with a nice party. Let's have a nice birthday party with Baby Lulu and her lovely mother Sophie.
Game name : Scarah Screams hair and facial
Game Description : You can wash Scarah Screams's hairs and give her afacial care in this monster high game. You can make up her and dress up her ith nice monster high style clothes and accessories. Have fun monster high fans!
Game name : Real Wedding Makeover
Game Description : This cute girl is going to marry with her love. You are going to make up her in this cute real wedding makeover. Dress up her with nice real style wedding gowns.
Game name : Barbie Ear Surgery
Game Description : Barbie has some ear problems and she needs help from a doctor like you. First Please clear up her strains and disinfect the wounds in her ear. After that beware of different kinds of bacteria deep inside of her ear. Have fun!
Game name : Baby Cinderella Morning Care
Game Description : Oh Cinderella hasn't waken up! it is too late but Cinderella is sleeping. Let's wake her up and help her for morning care. When you wake up her she will be unhappy so cheer her with some toys. After that go to bathroom and help her with her personal cleaning. Give her a cup of water to drink. Then brush her teeth , apply Daily face cream to her. At the end dress up her with nice princess baby clothes. Have Fun.
Game name : Baby Snow White Caring
Game Description : Baby Snow White is having fun at backyard of the dwarf house. Let's join her fun. After playing at backyard give a warm bath to baby snow White. After bathing gice a haircut to babay snow White.
Game name : Baby Rapunzel haircut and bathing
Game Description : Meet our lovely baby princess Rapunzel. her hairs are too long for a baby. So you must cut her hairs. After cutting her hairs get her to the bathroom for a warm bath. After bathing dry her body with tower and her hairs with hairdrier. At the end dress up Baby Rapunzel with cute princess babay dresses. Have Fun.
Game name : Barbie Real Make up
Game Description : Beautiful girl Barbie needs a make up. in this game you can make up real Barbie with real makeover pruducts. First give Barbie a real facial care. At the end of game you can dress up Barbie with real clothes.
Game name : Spectra Vondergeist Makeover
Game Description : Ghost girl Spectra Vondergeist needs makeover. Lets make up her then dress up her with nice monster high style clothes.
Game name : Mulan Facial Makeover
Game Description : Princess Mulan come to your beauty salon. First take care of her hairs. Wash her hairs and then give her a facial care. Make up her with nice make up tools.At the end dress up her with nice chinese clothes.
Game name : Lulu and Sophie at Shopping
Game Description : Baby Lulu's mother Sophie decides to go shopping. But she will take Lulu with her. Let's go to shopiing with Baby Lulu and her mother Sophie and make some shopping with them.
Game name : Chloe Grace Moretz
Game Description : Chloë Grace Moretz is an American film actress. She began her acting career at the age of seven and has appeared in films such as (500) Days of Summer , Kick-Ass and Hugo. We have a make up game for Chloë Grace Moretz. First five her a facial care and then make up and dress up her.
Game name : Emo Jasmine Dress up
Game Description : One of favorite Disney Princesses of all time, Princess Jasmine! Arabic princess Jasmine wants to be an emo princess. Please dress up her with emo dresses. Have Fun!
Game name : Baby Lulu at Nursery School
Game Description : Baby Lulu is going to nursery school today. Lets dress up Lulu for school and help her to complete school activities. Have fun!
Game name : Nefera de Nile Hair and Facial
Game Description : Nefera De Nile from Monster High is a mean ghoul! She is the older sister of Cleo De Nile! Play our latest make up game and give her a facial care and hair care. Then dree up her and make up her to make her stylish.
Game name : Rapunzel Tower Cleanup
Game Description : Rapunzel had a great time with her prince in the tower that she forgot to clean up. Please help her to clean up all the rooms in the tower before bad witch came back and found out the truth. Use your Mouse to drag items in to correct position.Press HINT button is you need some clues. Have fun with cleaning tower that princess Rapunzel imprisoned.
Game name : Tecna hair spa and facial
Game Description : Tecna is the Guardian Fairy of Technology and she is is smart girl. in this game you are going to take care of Tecnas beauty. First wash her hair and then give her a facial care. Then make up and dress up her. Have fun!
Game name : Baby Lulu Cooking with Mom
Game Description : Baby Lulu and her mom will cook dinner at their kitchen. Help Lulu and her mother to cook dinner.
Game name : Barbie Nail Design
Game Description : Take care of Barbies nails to improve her hands look and help her to stay hygienic and healthy. Give her hands a nice manicure. After finishing nails make up her and dress up her with nice clothes.
Game name : Draculaura Nose Surgery
Game Description : Your patient Draculaura is experiencing breathing difficulties due to deformations in her nasal cavity.Today we are going to surgically reshape Draculauras nose to improve air flow and resolve her breathing complications. We will also give her nose a more aesthetically pleasing shape.
Game name : Snow White Facial Beauty
Game Description : Princess Snow White is going to date with charming prince. You must wash her hairs and wive a facial care to her. After that make up and dress up her. Choose nice accessories for her.
Game name : Baby Lulu Gardener
Game Description : Baby Lulu decides to be gardener of their house. Lulus family have a nice garden at their house. But first she must buy some items to be a gardener. Go shopping with Lulu and buy what she needs to be a gardener. After that go to Lulus garden and start planting some fruits. Then fertilize and water the fruits. When Lulu is tired give her some ice cream and juice. At the and help Baby Lulu to harvest fruits. Have fun!
Game name : Chicken With Cashew
Game Description : Cashew chicken is a popular Chinese recipe. Easy cashew chicken recipe that calls for two simple ingredients: cashew nuts and chicken. You can cook Chicken with Cashew by playing our latest cooking game.
Game name : Barbie hair spa and facial
Game Description : Barbie is going to beach today. But she needs a complete make up. First take care of barbies hair then give her a facial thereatment. At the and make up and dress up her with nice clothes.
Game name : Spectra Vondergeist hair spa and facial
Game Description : Spectra Vondergeist is the 16-year old daughter of the Ghosts, who is from the 19th century.You can take care of her hairs first. Then give her a facial care. Then make up and dress up her at the end of the game.
Game name : Actress Bailee Madison Makeover
Game Description : Bailee Madison (born October 15, 1999) is an American teen actress. She is most famous for her role in Bridge to Terabithia in which she plays May Belle Aarons, the younger sister of Jesse Aarons. Play our cool facial make up game and give a facial thereatment to Bailee. Then make up and dress up her. Have fun!
Game name : Baby Lulu Traffic Controller
Game Description : Baby Lulu is a traffic controller now. Let's help Lulu to get ready for work. Then help her to control traffic. Have Fun!
Game name : Emo Cinderella Dress up
Game Description : Princess Cinderella likes emo style clothes too much. in this game princess Cinderella need your help to dress up cool emo clothes. Have fun!
Game name : Cinderella Eye Surgery
Game Description : Your patient today is Cinderella. She noticed that her vision had gotten blurry. An optomertrist has diagnosed her with a clouded lens, also known as a cataract. You will need to replace Cinderella's clouded lens with an artificial lens. That will clear up her vision! Start surgery and be a successful doctor.