Game name : Motor Model Dressup
Game Description : Everyone love motors and people want to see new motor models at the latest motor shows. This cute girl is a model and going to attend one of the most popular motor show. Please dress up her with cool dresses so everyone get attention to motors that she introduces. have fun!
Game name : Car Model Dress up
Game Description : This cute blonde girl is a model and today she is going to attend a n auto show today. You must dress up her with beautiful dresses for this event. Have fun!
Game name : Baby Moana School Style
Game Description : Moana is a very cute little baby. When she grows up she becomes a very beautiful and brave princess. In this princess dress up game, you can dress up Baby Moana in school outfits.
Game name : Princess Moana Dress up
Game Description : Moana is new adorable princess of Disney Studios. She is an adventurer and lives 3000 years ago. Let's dress up Princess Moana with beautiful princess dresses so she can attend a ball with her friends.
Game name : Clown Clean up Game
Game Description : Clowns are so funny. This man is working as a clown at a circus and he has a show tonight. You must make him ready for his show. First, clean up his face and shave his beard. Then make up her with choosing lip color, eye color and eyebrow style. Then dress up him as a funny clown. You can clean up this clowns's face then make up and dress up him for his show at circus.
Game name : Baby Princess Jasmine Gardener
Game Description : Baby princess Jasmine is a good gardener and she has a huge garden with strawberries at her backyard. Help her to gather strawberries and feed her when she is hungry. Play with her and her cat. Than go to house and have fun with her while watching Tv.
Game name : Legend of Corra Make up Game
Game Description : Avatar girl Corra is a Legend. We know her as Legend of Corra. You can make up and dress up the last avatar Corra by playing our latest make up game.
Game name : Dora Cooking Christmas Cake
Game Description : Dora is getting ready for chritmas celebrations. She decided to cook a delicious cake for christmas. Let's cook a delicious christmas cake with Dora. After cooking cake you can decorate cake with christmas theme. Have fun cooking with Dora!
Game name : Decor Your Hotel
Game Description : You are decided to open a new boutique hotel at your town. You are going to design every part of your hotel. Today you must design rooms of your hotel rooms. Lets decorate your hotel room by playing latest exclusive game named Decor your Hotel. Have fun!
Game name : Farmer's Fashion
Game Description : This cute model have a farm and she goes her farm at holidays and weekends. Let's dress up our beautiful model girl with cool and fashionable farmer clothes. And make up her with cool make up tools.
Game name : Sophia's Tailor
Game Description : Welcome to Sophia's tailor! She is the best tailor in the town and she is a well known model too. She is going to attend a fashion Show tonight. You must design and sew a dress for her. After sewing dress you must choose a nice bag and a pair of cool shoes for her.
Game name : Dirty Shoes Clean up
Game Description : This girl's favorite shoes are old and dirty now. She wants to clean up and fix them. You must help her about this. First clean up her shoes. After that fix her shoes. At the end you can redesign her shoes. You can change its colour and add some art to it. Have fun!
Game name : Dora Sunburn
Game Description : Sweet Dora goes to beach for a nice sunbath but she falls asleep. After hours she wakes up with great pain as she have serious sunburn. She calls 911 and an ambulance comes and gets Dora to hospital. Let's help dora to heal her sunburn. After she has completely recovered you can dress up her with cool beach dresses and hats.
Game name : Caring Lion Puppy
Game Description : Look at this cute lion puppy. He is playing with ball. Oh no! he stuck in the mud. he is now very dirty and needs to be cleaned. First give him a cool bath. Wash him with soap and dry him with hairdryer. After that cut his long nails and aply some colors to his nails. At the and dress up cute puppy lion with cool animal clothes.
Game name : Elsa China Princess
Game Description : Princess Elsa is very close to all Disney princesses. She is best friend of Cineese princess Mulan. Mulan has invited Frozen princess Elsa to China. Elsa now in China and she wants to dress up and make up like Chineese princesses. Now you must be Princess Elsa's personal fashion adviser and make up her like a chineese princess. After make up session dress up Elsa with cool traditional china princess dresses. And Select her some cool accessories too. Have fun!
Game name : Ella Surgeon Legs
Game Description : Be a doctor and surgeon Ella's legs. Then be a fashion stylist and dress up Ella with some cool dresses.
Game name : Daisy Emergency Room
Game Description : DAisy and her mom had a very bad car accident. Daisy injured very bad. Now as a doctor you must cure daisy at emergency room. After curing her you must dress up her with nice dresses.
Game name : Fairy Pony Care
Game Description : Game Description : This cute pony wounded. You have to treat her. Clean blood on her and remove branches. After treatment you must give her a nice bath. After bathroom feed her with fruits and cakes. Then dress up her with nice pony dresses. At the and select a nice fairy wings to her. Have fun. Cure , bath and dress up this lovely fairy pony.
Game name : Emo Mulan Dress up
Game Description : Dress up Chineese princess Mulan with emo style traditional dresses and accessories.
Game name : Baby Lulu Hair Salon
Game Description : Baby Lulu is grown up and she is going to kindergarten. But she needs a hairstyle and dress up. Play latest dressupgamesite baby game and give a hairstyle to baby lulu. For hairstyling first wash her hairs. After hairstyling dress up her for kindergarten. Have with baby lu game!
Game name : Nana Zoo Keeper
Game Description : Nana will help all the animals at zoo. You will help nan to feed , heal and bath to animals at zoo.
Game name : Bathroom Cleaning Game
Game Description : This bathroom is in a real mess. Yo must clean up it because you have guests tonight. Let's clean up our messy bathroom before our guests arrive.
Game name : Mimi Massage
Game Description : Mimi is a cute model. She is very tired nowadays. She was very busy with fashion shows. Now our cute model is on holiday at a nice hotel. She wants to get massage for relaxing. Now you are going to be massage therapist and make massage to Mimi. Have fun.
Game name : Doctor Bymax Game
Game Description : Bymax is not feeling himself well. He thinks something is wrong with her body. Lets make her complete checkup. Check his heartbeat , Check for broken bones and much more. if you find some illnes you must heal them. After body check up check his teeth. Be a dentist and make his teeth good again. Have fun.
Game name : Esra at Gym Game
Game Description : Esra is a cute little girl and she is going to attend ball next month. But she gain too much weight. She needs to loose weight to fit in her ball dress. Let's help Esra to loose weight at gym.
Game name : Wedding in Valentine's Day
Game Description : This couple desiced to marry on valentine's day. Let's dress up bride with valentine's day theme wedding gowns. There are some cool wedding gowns with heartpatterns and rose pattern. You will definitely love these wedding gowns. You must select a hairstle for her and you can choose some cool accessories too. After dress up the bride you must clean up their bedroom becouse it is in a real mess. After cleaning up the room you can decorate it with some nice valentine's day ornaments. Have fun!
Game name : Valentine's Day Party Cleanup
Game Description : Valentine's day is coming and this couple friends will give a valentine's coule party at their big house. But their house is in a mess. Let's clean up balcony and livind room of their house. After clean up you must decorate balcony and living room with nice valentine's day decorating ornaments.
Game name : Elsa Valentine's Day
Game Description : Snow queen Elsa is in love and Valentine's day is about to come. Elsa is going to meet her love and she wants to be magnificent. As her personal stylist help Elsa to get ready for her Valentine's day date. Play dressupgamesite make up game and make up and dress up beautiful princess Elsa with cool dresses. Have fun!
Game name : Emo Snow White Dress up
Game Description : You can dress up Princess Snow White with cool emo style clothes. She is very beautiful but she is bored with old fashion princess dresses and wants to try new style emo dresses. Lets dress up Princess Snow White with emo dresses. Then slect her a cool emo hairstyle. Yo can choose some nice emo accessories too. Have Fun!
Game name : Emo Aurora Dress up
Game Description : Princess Aurora is a beautiful girl. She definetly tries different fashion trends. Today she wants to dress up emo style dresses. Lets dress her up with cool emo princess dresses and choose some cool emo accessories for her.
Game name : Dora and Friends Naiya
Game Description : Meet Dora's friend Naiya. She is süper smart girl. She is very good at mathematic and science. She can learn new languages easily. She is from Playa Verde city. You can join Naiya as she discovers magical places and new things about her city. Yo can dress up , facial make up and make up by playing latest game Dora and Friends Naiya.have fun!
Game name : Dora Christmas Travel
Game Description : Dora is ready for christmas and she wants to travel. Please dress up Dora for her Travel. She likes christmas theme clothes too much.
Game name : Dora Christmas Time
Game Description : Its christmas time and Dora is going to have a lot of fun! Lets start to a christmas adventure with Dora. First open some gifts. Then eat cookies with Dora. Then help dora and Diego to make their christmas snowman. at the and feed hungry Dora and Diego. Have Fun!
Game name : Dora and Friends Kate
Game Description : Dora has a new group of friends, each with unique personalities and interests. Meet Kate! She loves to sing, dance, act, and grab the spotlight whenever she can! She loves to make her own stories. Play exclusive game Dora and Friends Kate and give a facial make up to her. First give her a facial care with colorfull fruit masks.Then make up her and dress up her. Have Fun!
Game name : Dora and Friends Alana
Game Description : Dora's friend Alana is a great soccer (football) player. She loves animals too much. She is also a good cook. In our latest facial make up you can give a facial care to Alana. After facial care you can make up and dress up Alana. Have fun.
Game name : CA Cupid Facial Make up
Game Description : C.A. Cupid's full name is Chariclo Arganthone Cupid. She is a character from both Monster high and Ever after High series. As a supporter of love, Cupid does everything within her power to bring people together. Play our game and gieve a facial makeover to CA Cupid. You can dress up her too. Have fun by playing our monster high game.
Game name : Witch to Beauty Manicure
Game Description : As you know witches have long nails and they need maniure everyday. Today this cute witch wants your help to take care of her nails. First give a spa session to her nails and hands. Then make a nice manicure to her nails.
Game name : Realistic Baby Room
Game Description : Room for babies are very important. Parents love their babies and want very nice decorated rooms for them. We made a realistic baby room decorating game for you. You can decorate this realistic baby room.
Game name : Pirate Fairy Tinkerbell
Game Description : Everybody know Tinkerbell. She plays on Pirate Fairy movie too. in this cool make up game you can make up Tinkerbell in Pirate fairy movie. You can dress up and make up her too.