Monster High Cleo De Nile

Daily played : 14 | Weekly played : 517 | Monthly played : 538 | Total played : 166,193
Today we are going to meet the most popular ghoul at Monster High. Here is Cleo de Nile, the daughter of the Mummy. She is 5000 years old and she is still a diva on the halls, being the lead of Fearleading Squad and the girlfriend of Deuce Gordon. She is royalty and her bossy attitude makes her to expect everyone to treat her like a princess. That's why she sometimes could be really selfish, spoiled, arrogant and unkind. But she can be good, with a golden heart. She is always kind to Ghoulia Yelps, helping her to face her shyness, although many accused Cleo that she is taking advantage of the quiet ghoul. There is no wonder why Cleo is the most popular. Her hair is fabulous, with golden highlights and bold bangs, dark, smooth skin and a baby blue crystal under her right eye. She also has the perfect pet snake, that copies her attitude, Hissette. Today, because she is a highly effective organizer,Cleo is planning the winter ball. Every monsterista is invited and as a hostess, Cleo must look fabulous. Give her a total makeover, starting with her hairdo and finishing up with the earrings. Enjoy Cleo de Nile Hairstyle!
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