Kissing Marathon

Daily played : 42 | Weekly played : 118 | Monthly played : 127 | Total played : 11,845
Hit by Cupid's love arrow right on the sports field, now how about that! These two sporty teens here wouldn't have taken a moment of pause from their harsh practice, getting ready for their next major competitions, well, at least not until love has struck them! Isn't that so lovely! Since they're so head in the clouds right now, how about using your vigilant eye to make sure that no one sees them kiss otherwise their careers as athletes might be compromised. Have tones of fun playing the kissing marathon game! Oh, no, that serious referee is right behind them, the national weight lifting champion is closely watching the two lovebirds and athletes keep wandering about and might catch them kissing any moment now! Quick, get the kissing marathon game started and, when no one is looking, give our sporty couple a click and keep a close eye on the intruders there, making sure their sweet romantic moments don't get brutally interrupted! Oh, no, not even when they're in the tribune the two cannot have one single moment of romance! How about a helping hand? Have even more fun playing the kissing marathon game and developing your skills as a guardian trying to foresee the appearance of the next intruder and then, quick, get our two lovebirds a click and they'll instantly play the little innocent angels that no one could suspect them of being Cupid newest “victims”. Those sportsmen there, the sports fans in the tribune, the referee or the caretaker will stand no chance of keeping these two cuties kissing if you're using your eagle eye to watch over them, that's for sure! Be Cupid's little helper and play the kissing marathon fun girl game to hep this lovely couple of teen athletes enjoy their romantic sweet kissing session!
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