Emo Friends

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The emo craze took over the younger generation in the western countries during the 80’s. Though it has not found much favor with the general older populace, the younger, wilder sections of people regularly experimented with emo looks and dresses, just for a change. The colors and wild looks attracted many youngsters who wanted to look different.Both boys and girls, who follow emo fashion, color their hair with various dyes. Glowing dyes became popular later as emo enthusiasts wanted to experiment further and were not content with a few basic colors. Though most emo fans dress in black, some of them wear clothes of different colors which seem outlandish. The same goes for the footwear and accessories which are equally weird. But not all of the emo fashion accessories are outlandish. Some of the items like shoes, purses, jackets have become common and are worn by many. So emo has had some effect on the tastes of people during these years. Here are two girls who love emo clothes. You need to find out the best looking clothes for these two and make sure they look different. The more colorful dresses you choose the better.
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