Double Baby Shower Game

Daily played : 17 | Weekly played : 150 | Monthly played : 161 | Total played : 3,859
These two baby twins need a bath! You must draw them a warm bath, not to hot, not to cold, just the right temperature. You must also prepare the water with a special bath foam that they love and takes care of their skin. Undress them and put them in the bath tub after the water is prepared. Give them their toys so that they wont get bored while you are washing them. You must first wash their hair and then cleanse they hair from all the shampoo, you dont want them to get some shampoo in their eyes. After witch you must wash them with their personal soap. Wash them real good and get them ready to dress up. Here you will be able to dress them up each individually with a selection of clothes, whichever you prefer, and get them ready for playing outside. Have fun!
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