Charming School

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Do you think you have what it takes to be the most popular and courted girl in school? Then it's time for you to learn some fun, helpful tips and tricks that will help you charm all the boys in school and make your own big fun club, too! Let this gorgeous teen girl teach you all of her seduction secrets, while playing the charming school skill girl game, and make sure those rivals don't stand a chance of making all those boys fall in love with them instead! This sure is your lucky day, getting the chance to watch real closely and even help our lovely teen girl here work her seduction “weapons” and charm as many teen boys as possible! Whether she is on the court field or at the movies, you'll get to team up with our popular young seductress here, playing the charming school skill girl game, and help her make all those cute guys passing by fall madly in love with her! Watch out for that blonde hottie there, grab your mouse, start clicking and send him one of your magical love arrows. Don't take your hand off your mouse till you're 100% sure that he is mad about you and that your teen rivals there haven't succeeded in seducing him and stealing you the title of the most popular girl in school. Follow your “charming trips and tricks” teacher throughout all the charming school skill girl game's levels, sharpen your perspicacity and love spreading talent making all those teen boys fall under your love spell and discouraging all your possible gorgeous rivals, there. Have fun! See whether you have what it takes to become the most popular girl in school having tones of fun playing the charming school skill girl game! Use your mouse to play this game. Enjoy!
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