Baby Lisa Care and Bath

Daily played : 155 | Weekly played : 172 | Monthly played : 172 | Total played : 4,570
Hi girls! Welcome to a new caring girl games with a sweet and loved girl Lisa. In this game you have to care and bath this cute baby Lisa girl. She is very happy because will receive the best bathing ever with your help with amazing shampoos, soaps and essences. If you not take care better Baby Lisa, she will start to cry, and if you do all things better she will be very happy. Have you ever got chance to look the day to day activities of little baby Lisa? You can get that amazing oppotunity through playing this caring game. Lisa is a different attitude girl and she always love to behave like a royal. Enjoy this bathing game with more entartainment thought. This girl game will give you a piece mind and you can enjoy more by watching the activities of baby Lisa. Can you help Lisa to do her daily activities? Like to serve her breakfast, soup, sandwich and to drink water because is more healthy for her. Let's have fun with naughty Lisa in this new game for girls, she will have fun and will need to play with different toys that you can find in her room. After she played with the toys and eat breaktfast you can dress up baby lisa with cute dresses and accesories that you can find in her wardrobe. Enjoy this baby game!
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